Tapping into your own data shouldn't be difficult.
Maximise your IQ with Charity IQ.

We understand the effort required to gather and transform user inputted data into actionable and valuable insights. Get meaningful and value adding reporting for Charitylog with Charity IQ.

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Unlock the benefits of data analytics.

A comprehensive collection of dashboards integrating directly with Charitylog. Your gateway to your data.

Analytics Reloaded

We integrate with your data using the Charitylog API, feeding our expertly created dashboards residing online, allowing you to securely access them from any device, even your phone!

Visually appealing

We leveraged PowerBI and our immense expertise to provide you with stunning reporting that helps you understand your own data easily.

Hassle free reporting

Let us take care of the boring bits of gathering, transforming and visualising your data and let you focus on making informed decisions.

Time Saver

Stop the boring task of repeatedly pulling data into spreadsheets to create subpar static reports that are hard to share with the right stakeholders. Log in, open dashboard, done!

Single version of the truth

We compile your Charitylog data into a single analytics data model that is referenced by all reports so you don't have to dig out old spreadsheets to see the past or create new ones for the future.

A robust collection of dashboards to help your charity's reporting needs and save you time.

We've removed the tedious aspect of reporting for you so you can focus on getting answers from your Charitylog data whenever you need it and take care of operational reporting easily.

Staff & Workload Analysis

Understand your staff's workload and analyse what cases, projects even geographical areas are taking up their time.

Case Analysis & Characteristics

Discover aspects regarding your cases that might not have been evident before. If there's a case attribute in Charitylog, we've tapped into it and can be used for analysis.

Trends & Patterns

We've ensured operational reporting and we've taken it a step further to help you realise what trends and patters appear over time for your cases and demographics.

Time Intelligence

Time is the constant which anchors all metrics. Understand their performance with variance over Years, Quarters, Months, to dates, we could go on forever.


Forget about static reports. You see a visual, interact with it. You see a filter, change it and create new combinations. If it's on the screen have a play around with it.


Discover insights and trends with a glance from our expertly curated combination of case characteristics and client demographics.


Discover insights and trends with a glance from our expertly curated combination of case characteristics and client demographics.

Like real time

Your data is refreshed daily keeping all those reports fresh and up to date without any manual intervention.


We believe analytics are about understanding bigger picture stuff. Thats why we keep any client personal information out of reports.

Simple, fixed pricing combined with access to free updates as they become available

Charity IQ has simple pricing. No up front costs or long term commitments or hiding features behind pay walls. Turn it off whenever you wish.

Monthly Plan

No long term commitment required.

  • Up to 5 users.
  • Access to all reports and features included in package.
  • Free access to updates.


Additional users are charged at £15 per user / per month.

*An API purchase is required from Charitylog with pricing starting from £350 per year